Inspiring a generation

For the second time this year, Melanie Smith was invited to join a panel of twelve alumni at the University of Manchester in order to contribute to its “Meet the Language Graduates” event earlier this month.

Our company is delighted to be in a position to offer advice and guidance to future professionals that extends far beyond the translation industry. After all, the ability to understand two or more languages is a skill that is beneficial in a multitude of circumstances and develops confidence in a variety of situations both socially and in the workplace. We believe that leadership is more than being in charge and managing people; the kind of leadership that separates good leaders from great leaders is the kind that encourages other leaders to grow. Here at Anglicus Translations, we want to take the lead in inspiring others to take pride in learning an additional language and we think it is important to attend as many language events as possible to promote our ideas and share our experiences. We are incredibly grateful to the University of Manchester for offering this vital opportunity not only to the current graduates at the beginning of their careers, but also to us, the professionals, now making a successful living through our love of languages.

Once again, the event was an unmitigated success as the feedback notes:

What was the best thing about the event?

  • ‘Learning about career paths taken by alumni, that were once in a similar position to myself.’
  • ‘The opportunity to explore language graduate jobs, seek ideas and find out about years abroad’
  • ‘The event got me thinking about expanding my network of contacts’.
  • ‘I got to speak to professionals, all with excellent advice. I left feeling energised.’

What was the most useful piece of advice or information you received today?

  • ‘Be confident in your language skills – everyone was a novice at some point.’
  • ‘Be open when looking. Appreciate that most jobs will lead to new experiences and skills. Exploring options is the only way to find out, what you really want to do.’
  • ‘Expand your network, keep an open mind and cultivate good business relationships’
  • ‘Do what interests you and have fun.’

100% of students who attended agreed with the statements:

  • ‘My confidence has increased in networking with professionals.’
  • ‘I feel motivated to take action regarding my career’
  • ‘I learnt about careers that I didn’t know were an option for me.’

We’re already looking forward to attending the next event!