Hi there! First things first, take a second to pat yourself on the back for not running your content through an online tool and hoping for the best. This means you’re already the sort of person we like to work with, because you’ve clearly put a lot of effort into your text and want to make sure this shines through in whatever languages you choose. It also means you appreciate the importance of trusting the professionals to do what they do best, which is exactly why you’ve come to us.

Someone once told us that you have to deliver a business that gives you fire in your belly, and we couldn’t think of a better way to describe how passionately we feel about bringing a great text to life for audiences around the world to appreciate.

So now we know a little bit about each other, the next step is down to you. Take some time to browse our website if you’d like to find out more, or jump right in and get in touch to see what we can do for you. It will be the best decision you make today.


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greater export success for SMEs that deal with clients in their own language



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greater export success for SMEs that deal with clients in their own language


How often do you actually take the time to give feedback on anything? Probably only if it was really fantastic or really disappointing, right? We already know we’re good at what we do because our clients keep coming back to us for more, but when they take the time to really spell out how much our work means to them, well that’s just too good not to share.

Slide Her experience has always shone through and we know we can rely on her to produce work of the
highest quality – on time, every time. It really helps that Melanie replies promptly to e-mails and
regularly sneaks in last-minute, urgent jobs for us when we’re in a pinch.

Ruth Parkin | HR & Compliance Officer | STB
Slide On a more personal note - thank you and your team for all the assistance – for
your humour and candour and I hope at some time to work with you again……but
with a longer lead time perhaps!!

Malcolm Etridge | International Business Development Manager | Emergency One Group
Slide Le document a bien été réceptionné et bravo pour ce superbe travail…
Effectivement : du très grand professionnalisme. Et nous
recommanderons encore vos services.

Eric Brocardi | Directeur de la communication et de l’animation
réseau | Maison des Sapeurs-Pompiers de France
Slide Melanie a bien saisi l’esprit du texte source pour rendre sa traduction à la
fois idiomatique et incisive en anglais. Excellent, une belle plume incisive.

Ines Guita | Project Manager | Technicis
Slide Thank you so much for taking this project on at the 11th hour. Had it not been for yourself and your translators
it would have been impossible to find a solution in order to be able to bid within the
timeframe. Also for your sense of humour and your flexibility.

Sonda Dalton | Senior International Trade Specialist Technology | Scottish Development International
Slide Just wanted to tell you that I loved your translation. It read beautifully and I agree with t
he decisions you made and your comments about the text. Well done and thank you!

Sophia Anderson | Private client
Slide Melanie is always wonderful to work with. She is punctual at each step of the process, always on time and
the quality of her work is tremendous. She is extremely responsive with any questions I have had as her
client and the outcome of her work is amazing and detailed. I received only the best reviews for any
piece of work that she wrote or edited for me. I can’t recommend highly enough.

Lejla Sertovic | Head of Sales & Operations | Bellabeat
Slide I'm so happy with the work you did! Thank you! You and your team really captured the essence of my new brand

Emeline Jamoul | Director | Plume Rouge
Slide We call you “Mela-NICE” around the office and we love working with someone whose impeccable standards of quality
and customer service match our own.

Ruth Parkin | HR & Compliance Officer | STB
Slide It’s been a pleasure collaborating with you on this project and I will contact you again for sure when a future project comes up.

Silvia Bartelloni | Senior Channel Manager presso | CCH® Tagetik Italia
Slide I would like to kindly thank you for translating my school qualifications so quickly.
Had a read through and you have done an excellent job! Many thanks!

Paulina Neil | Private client
Slide Let me start by thanking you and your team for the highly professional and tireless work that
you carried out for the recent bid. I would not have even got close without your efforts
(late night e mails etc) and the professional way the content was presented.

Malcolm Etridge | International Business Development Manager | Emergency One Group
Slide We were instantly drawn to Melanie’s bubbly personality and approachable nature.
Being an excellent translator is one thing, but it can really strain a business
Ruth Parkin | HR & Compliance Officer | STB
Slide Danke, dass du so professionell bist, es macht wirklich Spaß mit Dir zu arbeiten. Übrigens sind hier alle
im Büro von deinen Übersetzungen sehr begeistert 😉 Ich freue mich, dass wir jetzt viel zusammen arbeiten.

Matthias Müller | Project Manager | GST
Slide Wir danken für die zuverlässigen Übersetzungsleistungen!

Ramona Schwabe | Project Manager | Global ST
Slide Your translations were perfect -- I was so happy with your work and I would love to work with you again!

Angela Rimmer | Director | Bright Light

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